Fromagerie Hamel


Foretaste of our delights

  • 500 fine cheeses from Quebec and European terroir
  • Fine cheeses signed Le Pic, the house line of selected cheeses
  • Crisps (Raincoast Crisp, Mondovino, Elco, Carr's, Waterthins, Finn Crisp, Kavli, etc.)
  • Chocolate (Valrhona, Côte d'Or, Dolfin, 1848, Camille Bloch, Toblerone, etc.)
  • Sweets (Abbaye d'Oka, Pastilles de Vichy, nougat, pâte de fruits de Provence, Anis de Flavigny, réglisse, etc.)
  • Jams (Bonne Maman, Dulce del Valle, Le temps des cerises, L'Herborerie, Cacao & Cie, Pétales & Cie, Fleurs & Cie, etc.)
  • Crepes (Lebreton)
  • Waffles (Crowin)
  • Herbs (Francesano Natura, Crousset, Casina Rossa, Nomu, etc.)
  • Oils (La belle excuse, Picholine, Marques de Valdueza, Kalikori, Goccia di Sole, Mirum, À l'olivier, Mandranova, etc.)
  • Hams, prosciutto and salami (di Parma, Bayonne, Serrano, de Bellota, de Gênes, hongrois, Bresaola, des Grisons, pancetta, Speck, rosette de Lyon, etc.)
  • Honey (Nectaflor, Mas des abeilles)
  • Mousses (foie de canard, mead and pink pepper)
  • Mustards (Maille, Thomy, Pommery, DuBon, Grey Poupon, etc.)
  • Olives (infornate, kalamata, alphonso, spicy, with almonds, Caribbean)
  • Pâtés (liver & garlic, orange duck, pheasant and pistachios, black pepper, pink pepper, country, caribou, figs & porto)
  • Peppers (Sélection Gérard Vives)
  • Rillettes (dick from Perigord, rabbit & apples, poultry & vegetables, etc.)
  • Salts (Guérande, L'Himalayen, saffron, truffles, etc.)

If you wish to order, contact Sylvain by email or by telephone at 514-272-1161, ext. 231.

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Your master chef talent wishes for more ? You simply have to ask, for La fromagerie Hamel could probably fulfil it. Being well recognised throughout many European suppliers, notably, the maison Hamel might be able to find out the perfect cheese or this little gourmandise that will sign your cuisine with uniqueness.

Our experienced buyer is waiting for your challenges. Contact Mohammed by telephone at 514-272-1161, ext. 230.