Fromagerie Hamel

Fine and specialty food items

Aromas and flavours that make you travel the world

Walking the aisles in La fromagerie Hamel shop, is like travelling the world through aromas and flavours. The carefully selected fine and specialty foods – salty, sweet, refrigerated or frozen – you will find in our shops meet the highest quality standards. Not only does each store offer you a superior selection of Quebec or imported gourmet products, you will find a assortment of coffee beans you can grind in store as well as a wide variety of teas and herb teas. A bouquet of flavours and aromas that will tantalize and delight you.

Note: Some products may not be available in all boutiques.

Salty items

  • Assortment of rusks and crackers
  • Oils (olive, sunflower, pistachio, canola, pine nut, avocado, argan, truffle, etc.)
  • Vinegars (white wine, red wine, balsamic, cider, raspberry, walnut, rice, sherry, honey, truffle, black currant, banyuls wine, chardonnay, etc.)
  • Vinaigrettes, sauces, pesto, tapenades, condiments, spices, onion compote
  • Assortment of salts and peppers
  • Olives and pickles in bulk
  • Pine nuts in bulk
  • Rice, risotto, pasta, polenta, couscous, etc.
  • Canned vegetables (tomatoes, artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, bamboo shoots, capers, etc.)

Sweet items

  • Wide selection of chocolates including the renowned Valrhona, cocoa
  • Cookies and cakes
  • Compotes, purées
  • Jams, jellies, honey
  • Dried fruits and fruit paste
  • Fruit syrups and juices
  • Confectionery

Refrigerated items

  • Various brands of milk, cream, crème fraîche and yoghurts
  • Various brands of butter
  • Various brands of mousse
  • Various brands of tofu
  • Eggs

Frozen items

  • Bilboquet ice cream and sherbet
  • Pizzas
  • Apetizers
  • Pasta, etc.