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March 2011

Merlot BellaVitano

Merlot BellaVitano

Another originality from Sartori Reserve from Wisconsin! This time, instead of being washed with an American raspberry beer, the rind is damped with Merlot, a delicious vine found in Bordelais’ wines. The choice for Merlot was simple: it confers velvety aromas of berry and plum to the rind. The paste, gracefully hidden under the purple rind, will preserve its parmigiano flavour and its smooth cheddar texture. On the tongue, this cheese is just pleasant and divine.

To pair to the best Merlot BellaVitano, it is essential to choose accompaniments that liberate aromas of dark berries, cherries and earth. Opt for prosciutto, fresh-cut fennel and figs or, even, dark chocolate.

Merlot The French vine is fine and elegant; of a great depth, its fruits are infinitely velvety, voluptuous. In your mouth, it darts towards strawberry and raspberry aromas, sometimes in jam, sometimes freshly picked from the plant; prunes; violet; soft spices; leather; and undergrowth. It is said that Merlot is feminine and sensual.

Rare on Earth As said by Sartori’s people, not many places on Earth offer to cheesemongers as many advantages as Kettle-Moraine region, located in Central East Wisconsin state. The latitude, temperature and rich soil are the same as those of a French region where famous cheeses are made (ED: probably East of France). You would have guess it: it is there that Sartori established its enterprise 70 years ago and, from farm to fork, Sartori promises to always offer freshness to its consumers.

BellaVitano au merlot


Pâte pressée non cuite




États-Unis, État du Wisconsin


Le BellaVitano, vieilli en cave pendant environ huit mois, possède l'élégance du parmigianno reggiano et la douceur crémeuse du cheddar. Il ressemble évidemment au BellaVitano aux framboises, mais le merlot lui confère davantage de goût, une note d'acidit

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