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October 2004

Le Baluchon

Le Baluchon

Un tendre du bas du fleuve

This cheese is the result of an alliance between two talented craftsmen and their know-how: a dairy farm producer and an affineur, or cheese producer. Add maturing cellars built especially to develop this cheese, and it is no wonder we now have this tasty marvel. A French top affineur has taught the team members from the Fromageries Jonathan in Saint-Anne-de-la-Pérade all the tricks of his trade so they can produce this cheese in the purest traditional fashion.The cheese matures around 65 days during which its rind is washed and brushed daily with a mixture of water, cultures and salt.

The dairy cows are fed dry floral hay, organic feed grain and kelp, imparting the distinctive taste to this traditionally-made cheese. It is an ideal complement in cooking, with a tender consistency that gives a velvety texture to all your food preparations. In addition, its mild flavour will never overpower the taste of other ingredients. Note that when it is ripened longer, the Baluchon develops a finely bitter taste with a touch of tartness that adds pizazz to your recipes.

Baluchon (le)


Pâte pressée non cuite




Canada (Québec), Mauricie (Fromagerie F.X. Pichet à Champlain)


Marqué. Arôme fruité, soufré avec une pointe d'acidité.

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