Fromagerie Hamel

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Le Bethmale Fromagerie Hamel
November 2004

Le Bethmale

A Traditionalist a bit vigorous

Bethmale is made according to traditional methods used in a small region of the Pyrenees, a mountain chain forming a natural border between Spain and France.

Le Baluchon Fromagerie Hamel
October 2004

Le Baluchon

A Soft from the Bas du Fleuve

This cheese is the result of an alliance between two talented craftsmen and their know-how: a dairy farm producer and an affineur, or cheese producer. Add maturing cellars built especially to develop this cheese, and it is no wonder we now have this tasty marvel.

Le Rassembleu Fromagerie Hamel
September 2004

Le Rassembleu

Biological Blue from Raw Milk

We have selected this raw-milk farmer’s cheese produced in the gentle Laurentides hills of Sainte-Sophie because of its outstanding qualities. This fine blue cheese has a bold flavor tempered by a soft melting texture and creamy bouquet.

L’Abondance Fermier Le Pic Fromagerie Hamel
June 2004

L’Abondance Fermier Le Pic

Rare Rustic

Its birthplace is the Abondance valley in France, an alpine area nestled between Leman lake along the Swiss border and the crest of Mont-Blanc. Made from the milk of Abondance cows feeding from the rich grasslands of mountain pastures, this authentic regional product also takes its name after this hardy and age-old breed.

Savoy Tomme Fromagerie Hamel
May 2004

Savoy Tomme

Bouquet of an Ancient

Tomme is undoubtedly the oldest cheese produced in the Savoy and Upper Savoy regions of the French Alps.