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Le Pic Blend of cheeses for fondues Fromagerie Hamel
November 2005

Le Pic Blend of cheeses for fondues

A Balance of Taste

Fondue is a mountaineer’s dish that originated in the Alps. It is in that region that traditionally are produced the Gruyere-type cooked cheeses used as main ingredient for this warm hearty dish, as well as topping for various types of ‘au gratin’ dishes.

Le Mamirolle Le Pic Fromagerie Hamel
September 2005

Le Mamirolle Le Pic

Soft and Fresh Québécois

This cheese is made here, in Quebec, in a Bois-Francs town called Plessisville.
Recipe : Le Pic Mamirolle and Vegetable Turnover

Le Pic-chou Fromagerie Hamel
August 2005

Le Pic-chou

Herbs or Pepper Goat

Labelled with the renowned Le Pic signature, these two fresh goat milk cheeses are farm-produced then prepared by your real cheesemonger.
Recipe : Strawberry, Walnut and Pic’chou Salad

Le Camembert Le Pic Fromagerie Hamel
June 2005

Le Camembert Le Pic

Typical Normand with a Firm Heart

Produced in a traditional way by hand, our Camemberts have been exclusively selected in an “AOC” production located in Normandy at a stone’s throw from the village of Camembert.
Recipe : BBQ Camembert Le Pic and Fine Herbs

Le Pic Mountain Morbier, aged 5 months Fromagerie Hamel
March 2005

Le Pic Mountain Morbier, aged 5 months

From the Mountain with Full Taste

It’s a mountain cheese from the Jura region of France featuring an Alpine mountain range on its eastern border with Switzerland.
Recipe : Morbiflette with Le Pic Mountain Morbier

Le Riopelle de l'Isle Fromagerie Hamel
February 2005

Le Riopelle de l'Isle

Honoring the Famous Painter

The Riopelle de l’Isle departs from most hand-crafted cheese from Quebec, and from the rest of Canada for that matter, where we find mostly firm cheeses with a washed rind.
Recipe : Salmon à la Florentine au Riopelle de l’Isle

Bagnes Raclette Fromagerie Hamel
January 2005

Bagnes Raclette

Rustic and Swiss

This cheese is made exclusively with whole raw cow’s milk, collected when the cows graze on the succulent grasses of the moist alpine pastures at 500 to 2000 meters of altitude (1600 to 6500 feet).
Recipe : Bagnes Cheese Raclette