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Red, White and Blue: Stilton Fromagerie Hamel
December 2008

Red, White and Blue: Stilton

The King of Cheeses

A real Stilton comes from the counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire or Nottinghamshire. Only six cheesemongers are authorized to produce it.

Selles-sur-Cher Le Pic Fromagerie Hamel
November 2008

Selles-sur-Cher Le Pic

A little goat ready to munch

This popular cheese comes from a farm, owned by Corine and Philippe, established in a small village close to Selles-sur-Cher.
Recipe : A chèvre en mousse and its endive

“Ze” fondue Le Pic Fromagerie Hamel
October 2008

“Ze” fondue Le Pic

Melted pleasure

Autumn is already colouring forests with its warm palette, Eole's caress cools the air, it is now time for a comforting cheese fondue Le Pic: a pure gourmet feast, discrete witness of long-lasting evenings spend with good company.

L'éPICurien Fromagerie Hamel
September 2008


Pleasure of cheese

Bewitched you shall be by the fruity aromas and the exotic perfumes of this farmhouse raw milk cheese.
Recipe : L’éPICurien and its crêpes

Fourme d'Ambert Le Pic Fromagerie Hamel
August 2008

Fourme d'Ambert Le Pic

Feminine and gentleness

Cheese Fourme d’Ambert is, literally, a tender heart hidden in a greyish whitish jewel-case.
Recipe : Avocados au gratin

Alfred le Fermier Fromagerie Hamel
July 2008

Alfred le Fermier

Tale of an Old Farmhouse

In Compton, in the heart of Cantons-de-l’Est, Holstein cows of Fromagerie La Station are peacefully grazing. Enjoying the fresh air of this magnificent region, the cattle relishes a biological pasture that will elegantly perfume its milk. The raw milk Alfred le Fermier will then benefit from the touches of freshness of this land.
Recipe : Farmer’s Farmhouse Salad

Le Réserve La Pérade Fromagerie Hamel
May 2008

Le Réserve La Pérade

From Quebec with a Taste of Nut

Réserve la Pérade has been created by Marie-Claude Harvey and Michel Pichet of Fromagerie FX Pichet, located in Champlain, in the wonderful country of La Mauricie.
Recipe : Sumptuous Réserve La Pérade Grilled Cheese

Le Comtomme Signature Fromagerie Hamel
April 2008

Le Comtomme Signature

A Tomme with a Taste of Apple

Big brother to the 3- to 3.5-kg Comtomme, the Signature Comtomme is a cannot-be-missed, impressive 14-kg wheel!
Recipe : Comtomme Chicken Fillets

Le Manchego Fromagerie Hamel
March 2008

Le Manchego

A Cherished Spanish

Manchego is Spain's most famous cheese. Produced in La Mancha (also home of Don Quichotte) this cheese is made only from the whole milk of Manchega sheep.
Recipe : Spanish Omelette

Le Mont Vully Fromagerie Hamel
February 2008

Le Mont Vully

Swiss and Fruity taste

Mont Vully cheese is made at a small family dairy in Cressier, a tiny village above the medieval town of Morat.
Recipe : Mont Vully Garlic Bread

Le Tamié Fromagerie Hamel
January 2008

Le Tamié

From the farm of Savoie

For over a hundred years, the monks from Trappist abbey of Tamié, situated in the beautiful country of Savoie in France, have produced a cheese called le Tamié.
Recipe : Pasta, Fennel and Tamié au gratin