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Truffle Moliterno Fromagerie Hamel
December 2009

Truffle Moliterno

You will surely noticed this Italian cheese: made from ewe (“pecora” in Italian) milk, it unveils lactic and vegetable aromas during its youth; older, it perfumes your palate with hazelnuts and spices. And for the final, obviously, it’s all around truffle (coming from the bis(methylthio)methane molecule).
Recipe : Mini Chicken Bites

Avonlea Rustic Cheddar Fromagerie Hamel
November 2009

Avonlea Rustic Cheddar

Who doesn’t remember this indisputably charming little red-haired with merry eyes, nicknamed “Anne of Green Gables”, and her adventures taking place in the village of Avonlea, on Prince-Edward Island?
Recipe : Treats from the Island

Cru de Champlain &ndash Fromagerie Hamel
October 2009

Cru de Champlain &ndash

From farm to table

Cows from Fromagerie F.X.Pichet graze on fields of the Vallée de la Mauricie. Watered by Saint-Maurice and Saint-Laurent rivers, this region is also crossed by the King’s way (chemin du Roy), an ancient 280-kilometer route, built as soon as 1731, followed by pedestrians and cattle of all kinds to journey between Québec, Trois-Rivières and Montréal. Mauricie is a terroir with history, but also of aromas from ageless waters, multicoloured wild flora, high and elegant conifers and broad-leaved trees adorning reds and gold to welcome autumn. It this therefore in this bucolic scenery that are calmly grazing cows of F.X. Pichet who, furthermore, ruminate biological: environment respect for a long-lasting development, ecological signature of these passionate fromagers.

Appenzeller (appenzell, rasskäse, bruhkäse or schmopferkäse) Fromagerie Hamel
September 2009

Appenzeller (appenzell, rasskäse, bruhkäse or schmopferkäse)

This alpkäse cheese (made in the mountains during transhumance) comes from the Helvetic canton Appenzell. Pierre Androüet however precises that appenzeller is, in fact, produced in St.Gall canton where Appenzell-Rhodes Intérieures et Extérieures cantons are enclosed.

Raspberry Bellavitano Fromagerie Hamel
August 2009

Raspberry Bellavitano

Raspberry Dream

Aged in a cellar for eight months, BellaVitano has the elegance of parmigiano reggiano and the creamy smoothness of mamirolle, but it will liberate in one’s mouth a little flaky crisp for its paste is naturally sprinkled by minuscule amino acid crystals (not salt, like people often think).
Recipe : Bellavitano gems in a baluchon

Le Pic's Goats Fromagerie Hamel
July 2009

Le Pic's Goats

Le Pic's Goats

More than 10,000 years ago, Man domesticated the goat, this agile mammal that, later on, in the heart of Antique Greece, fed with her milk the powerful Zeus; her horn, Amalthea the nurse’s, became known as the horn of abundance.

Jersey du Fjord Fromagerie Hamel
June 2009

Jersey du Fjord

A breeze from Saguenay

Perfumed with the aromas of the sea and an exotic zest of orange, Jersey du Fjord cheese is made from raw cow milk by Les Bergeries du Fjord, located in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. This cheese is often confounded with cheddar because it looks like it and taste a little bit like it: the recipe is quite alike.
Recipe : Jersey du Fjord Potted Cheese

Le Baluchon Fromagerie Hamel
May 2009

Le Baluchon

In French, a « baluchon » is a bundle: a little bag filled with personal belongings and attached all corners together. The expression « faire son baluchon » means to pack up.

For the cheese makers of F.X.Pichet, Marie-Claude Harvey and Michel Pichet, Le Baluchon is not a piece of clothe, but a semi-firm washed-rind cheese made from biological milk in the heart of their land in Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade. This little delight perfumed with delicate butter and cream aromas, one shall enjoy every now and then, reveals a note of clover. Mmmm… But why? Simply because the cows benefit from a particular alimentation in which are included floral dry hay, biological cereals and marine seaweeds. After some 65 days of rest on clay and of wash with salted water (with ferments), these plants confer to the paste a distinct character celebrating the great variety of the Mauricie territory, like the clover waltzing under the delicate sunny breeze of Sainte-Anne’s prairies.
Recipe : La sauce au Baluchon

English cheddar Fromagerie Hamel
April 2009

English cheddar

This Old English

One shall go back in the 12th century to read the word « cheddar », and it was already popular among the people. Indeed, for King Henry II (1133-1189) ordered in the year 1170 not less than 10,000 pounds of cheddar. He was paying the pound a quarter of a penny (there was 12 pence in a shilling and 20 shillings in a pound sterling)*.
Recipe : Traditional Welsh Rarebit

Laguiole Fromagerie Hamel
March 2009


A fourme from Aubrac

Pline the Ancient in his Natural History, around year 78, would have mentioned it: the author wrote it was the most estimated cheese in Rome (but it was not named…). More certainly, the written history mentioned it during the 4th century.

Parmigiano Reggiano Fromagerie Hamel
February 2009

Parmigiano Reggiano

Another king of cheese : parmesan

Parmigiano-reggiano was born, around the 12th century, from the hands of Benedictine and Cistercian monks, in the heart of Northern Italia, provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena and Bologna.
Recipe : Sublime

Comté Fromagerie Hamel
January 2009


Prince of Jura

Stalls of La fromagerie Hamel are holding a treasure: wheels of 15-month to 3-year old Comté. A pure delicacy ripened in Petite family’s Fort Saint-Antoine or in Juraflores’ s Fort des Rousses, both built in the 19th century.
Recipe : Pistachio Comté Crackers