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Raclette grill rental

A casual meal with friends made even simpler

As a gentlemen, a convivial cheese

Traditional raclette is a Swiss cheese originating from the Valais County, made with raw cow milk according to strict standards. Today, pasteurized raclette-type cheeses on the market are produced in various regions of France and in Quebec as well. This uncooked pressed cow milk-based cheese is offered in several varieties. The ideal “festive” cheese it is best enjoyed with a bunch friends gathered at the table around the raclette grill with heaps of potatoes, sliced vegetables or cured meats.

As a lady, a delectable meal

Raclette is a Valais county dish. The raclette cheese is slowly melted with a heat source at the table, and then scraped onto diners' plates; the term raclette derives from the French racler, meaning “to scrape”. Being such popular dish, La fromagerie Hamel has for its customer a wide variety of raclette grills and heat stands of various sizes to rent. Some of the models available can be adjusted for quarter and half rounds to serve from four to fifteen people. To make reservations for your raclette grill or heat stand, simply call one of our shops and confirm the rental date. It is recommended to make your reservations at least one week in advance and, while you are on the phone, to order your ready-to-serve raclette platter. All you have to do is to come by the shop to pick up the machine and, if you haven't already done so, put together your menu.

Choosing your raclette

Ideally, the number of guests will determine your choice of machine. These machines have more than one advantage. The cheese develops its full flavour because it is heated at the perfect temperature. You also get a warm and cosy ambiance. And everybody appreciates the easy and no-mess preparation and service. Depending on your needs and number of guests you will choose between:

The raclette heat stand, for one quarter round, one half round or two half rounds
With this type of apparatus, you delicately scratch off the cheese crust exposing the inside of the half round(s) that you place parallel to the heat source under the stand. As the cheese melts, it is scraped off with a raclette knife onto the diners' plates. Under the heat, the cheese crust becomes crispy and flavourful, and it is broken off to be shared between those who enjoy this special treat.

The table-top grill with small “pans”
This grill usually serves six persons. It is placed at the centre of the table. The cheese is brought to the table sliced, and each guest put a portion of cheese in the small pans, known as coupelles, that they place under the grill. When the cheese has melted and has started to brown, the guest pulls out the pan from under the heat source, and scrapes the cheese on his/her plate with a spatula.

Whatever machine you choose, raclette dining is a sure success!

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