Fromagerie Hamel

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This week's discounts
February 27th to March 5th 2013 - Depending on availability

Le Baluchon (bio) 3.99 (100 g)   Rabbit with apple Rillettes 3.49 (100 g)
Jarlsberg 2,29 (100 g)   Fine herbs Ham 2.79 (100 g)
  Cazorla olive Oil 38.50
(each = 5 litres)

My résumé at Hamel

...for an enticing job in the fascinating cheese universe! Full-time and part-time. Gourmets welcome!

Repertory of cheeses

Simple and educational analysis of more than 1000 cheeses of the planet, including alcohol and cheeses pairings.


Discover our suggestions to perfectly wed beer and cheese!