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Gazpacho with accompaniments

For 4 people



  • 1 Favuzzi diced tomatoes can (796 mL)
    1/2 yellow bell pepper
    1/2 red bell pepper
    1/2 cucumber, peeled
    1 garlic clove
    A remnant of day-old bread
    2 c. tablespoons (30 ml) Casas Hualdo olive oil
    Salt and pepper

For presentation

  • Some Serrano ham strips
    Some pieces of Garrotxa, a Spanish cheese
    Casas Hualdo olive oil


Put in a food processor all the ingredients of gazpacho and mix until smooth.
Lightly toast the Serrano ham.
To serve, garnish the gazpacho with grilled strips of Serrano, pieces of Garrotxa and drizzle with Casas Hualdo olive oil.

Try the Gazpacho with a Spanish red wine!


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